Customer Care Professionals

It starts with a simple smile or caring word; all a routine part of a Customer Care Professional’s day.

But those gentle acts may be the difference for the patient who looks to our team for strength, support, and guidance.

Our Customer Care Professionals join our Call Centers for many reasons. They stay because they’re passionate about the care and well-being of others; because life is precious, especially the lives of our patients looking to Apria to improve the quality of their life at home. ApriaCares-tn.jpg

Patient Care is one of Apria’s most coveted values.  It’s a priority that drives our Customer Care Professionals to engage with our customers and patients to better understand their evolving wants, needs, and expectations.

Exceeding expectations rather than simply satisfying them is the cornerstone of our Apria Cares approach to customer service. That message, Customers Always Receive Exceptional Service, is the focus that guides every interaction we have, be it a payor, referral, customer, or patient.

Contemplating a career in Customer Service? This path is not for everyone. It requires strong people skills, the ability to adapt well to challenges and opportunities, and delivering great customer experiences. The role as a Customer Care Professional takes a sincere commitment to meet the patient’s needs at the highest level, every time.

Ask yourself, if you care, you can act and make a difference in the life and well-being of another. Imagine the impact you’ll make by putting your personal touch on every call!



“My daughter is a patient of Apria and has been for over five years. During this time, Ray has been the ideal customer service representative and has gone far beyond the EXTRA MILE to provide the much needed services my daughter has required/requires.

She has 'critical sleep apnea' as well as COPD which requires she be on oxygen 24/7. I order supplies for her Bi-pap device on a monthly basis as well as dealing with any problematic issues that may arise from these devices. Recently, her portable oxygen concentrator box would not work, so I went to the local Apria branch here in Santa Fe hoping to have my daughter's device fixed.

Unfortunately, the branch was unable to resolve the matter as quickly as she needed to resume her usual daily activities (my daughter is also mentally challenged/bi-polar).

However, Ray quickly contacted the office in Albuquerque and was able to order an exchange for my daughter's portable oxygen device that very same day. The device came promptly, limiting the time my daughter had to push/roll the oxygen tanks.

Ray has gone out of his way many times to help my daughter with her oxygen usage, and has made it a point that our oxygen tanks/supplies were fully stocked and that home deliveries were always in a timely manner. As a caregiver to my daughter and to my 86 year old mother who lives with me as well, it’s one less worry.”