Delivery/Patient Service/Clinical Service Technicians

During a single day, Apria touches thousands of lives.  And typically, a “day in the life” goes by in a heartbeat – especially at a fast-paced, dynamic work environment for an Apria delivery technician, patient service technician or clinical service technician.

No matter what function or discipline they work in, there’s not really a template of what every day will look like. Every day is different. That’s what makes our work challenging, and it’s also what makes it fun. There’s enough flexibility and responsibility to keep your work, your life and your work-life exciting.

Let’s take look at how a day might go for a Clinical Service Technician at Apria.

As the face of Apria, he or she will be there for people delivering oxygen for our patents in need, to pick up medical equipment no longer required, or to just monitor a home respiratory device for a patient with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). In return, these patients touch the technician’s life and drive his or her mission to make a difference in their quality of life at home.

It’s not looked at as a job, but rather an opportunity to provide a valued service; to brighten someone’s day with their delivery; or just to greet old friends and make new ones. All will say it’s not about beating the FedEx or UPS guy up the stairs; but ensuring that the right product to the right patient is delivered at the right time.

quotation.png“It’s not just about serving people, it’s about being there for people. “I want to respect and value the well-being of my patients as if they were my own family.” 
- Clinical Service Technician, Irvine, CA



“A patient writes that on a past News Year’s Eve her oxygen concentrator would not operate. She immediately placed a call to Apria and was told that a new concentrator would be delivered shortly. Within the hour, Samuel, Patient Service Technician, was at her door ready to make the exchange.

She shared that Samuel was such a kind-hearted man, smiled, and was so courteous that she genuinely felt appreciated and at ease. She closed her note to Apria by wishing that everyone she encountered in the healthcare profession was as remarkable in caring for patients as Samuel.