Hiring A Hero

Take the story of employee and Veteran Craig Barton transitioning back to civilian life and life at Apria Healthcare.

“Coming from Active Duty (SGT, Troop C 1/278th Armored Cavalry Regiment) back to civilian life is hard enough,” said Craig, Territory Manager, who serves in our Jackson, TN location.  “Even more difficult is the relentless cycle of going from civilian life to training that takes you away from your family for months on end; then back to civilian life that’s interrupted by weekend training once a month and three weeks during the summer. Then Active Duty calls again for an overseas deployment, back home to civilian life, and an eventual return to the work force.  

When I returned from Iraq deployment in 2010, I stepped back into a job I previously held one year prior to my assignment. Almost immediately, I was juggling a promotion and management accountability of the corporate world.

Being home in civilian shoes was a challenge enough, not to mention getting acclimated to normalcy again outside of the theatre of war. Pressures mounted as I tried to adjust to my new role and responsibilities. I found myself stressed and sick, without even knowing I was either of those things. In the Army, you are trained to “suck it up and drive one” to continue our mission. In short, we call it CM (Charlie Mike/Continue Mission).

Now fast forward five years. I found myself with a new opportunity, new mission, and new challenge. An email was sent to me on my LinkedIn account from a caring and professional recruiter from Apria Healthcare inquiring about my resume, complimenting my profile and advising me of a position open in my local community, Jackson, TN. Boom! Here I am, nearly six months into my position with Apria.

There are a couple of drastically contrasting feelings with this new mission, from where I was at the time of my return from deployment, and my immediate return to corporate America. For one, the people and the company. To say the least, everyone involved with my joining Apria Healthcare was amazing, supportive, and very gracious. From the initial phone call received from the recruiter to my series of interviews with several outstanding management leaders, it has been an honor interacting, and now working with such supportive, professional, and outstanding team.

What stands out and warms my heart is that no matter where I walk or to whom I talk to, every single person took the time to say “thank you for your service.”

As a Veteran who still proudly serves our country today, I’m grateful to the warm welcome extended by the Apria family. There is nothing more I could ask for or imagine to make my beginning with Apria more enjoyable. My only hope is that I can give as much and more back to my team at Apria, and that the same warm welcome is shared with each and every “hero” that joins our ranks.”


Same Values.
Different Mission.


What’s next for our veterans? They deserve better!

A good job is a start. At Apria Healthcare, we have an honorable mission to hire as many great heroes as we can. Our values align with their military characteristics – honor and integrity – folks who get the job done. At Apria we work as a team, and we can only succeed if we have great team members, like those who served to protect our country.

Are you ready to join us?