Our Approach

Apria is a winning company with a reputation for integrity and a commitment to provide opportunity for our patients to live a healthier life. Our growth doesn’t come from following our competitors lead but constantly innovating to sustain our mission, our people, our communities and our business practices.

New markets mean new ways of doing business, and new ways of addressing health concerns, cultural differences and environmental challenges. Every day is an adventure, and an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

It comes from staying curious, and not being afraid to fail. That’s why we empower our people to have a voice.  If they care about an issue, and want to make a difference, they have the opportunity to illustrate their position and share their thinking behind it. By taking the opportunity to share their views beyond cubicle/office walls, we pull the best from their thinking….and that’s best for all.

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“I don’t think of myself as a “do gooder,” but when I see the faces of the people I help, it gives me a sense of purpose that goes beyond the everyday duties of my job. It makes me think, I’m delivering smiles.”
– Patient Service Technician