Our Culture

The best thing about the Apria culture is the people. They appreciate being part of something that matters. Our people are reflected in everything we do and every interaction we have. They understand our core values and are willing to embrace and embody them.culture_bublbles_new260.jpg

Given that, a person’s fit with a given culture is so important to success. We’re excited to share with you what defines Apria’s culture.

We Behave Equitably
we have a set of standards and processes that are clearly defined so that our people who exactly what is expected of the…let’s call it the Apria Way.  People will have their goals and targets so it will be easy for them to understand and deliver. We encourage people to be themselves but want them to recognize the importance of teamwork, being open to other people’s ideas and debating issues collaboratively.

We Care About People
We are truly caring and supportive of our family members. We treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

We Communicate Openly
We ask that people share information openly, honestly, and with humility so others can contribute fully and comfortably, We appreciate feedback and value what others have to say.

We Appreciate Differences
We believe everyone is part of our great team and business. We have many individuals of varied experiences and cultures who contribute their particular and unique skills and abilities.

We Empower People
We encourage the next phase of a team member’s growth. People love to know how they are doing and what they can expect in their future. We alert them to learning and development opportunities so they can fine-tune their awareness. We give them a picture of their potential and a route to achieve it.

Hiring Our Heroes

Same values.png

What’s next for our veterans? They deserve better!

A good job is a start. Our veteran recruiting efforts extend beyond just a sense of patriotism; they also represent our planned investment to tap into proven “workforce warriors” who bring discipline and special skills to any job. Veterans know how to complete their mission with honor.  At Apria Healthcare, our values align with the characteristics of those who served our country – honor, integrity…folks who get the job done.  We see veterans and reservists as great assets to fulfill our mission: to improve the quality of life for our patients at home.

Match your military skills to Apria’s job.

Giving Back

Beyond the passion our Apria employees provide to care for our patients and customers is a special bond with those in need. Apria employees are giving back to their communities in many ways.