Our Company

The Nation’s largest provider of home healthcare products and services

Improving the quality of life for our patients at home.

Patient Care: Our top priorities are the care and well-being of our patients which we express through compassionate service. 

Ethics & Values: We believe honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, and accountability are embedded in everything we do. 

Service Excellence: We strive to make a difference every day in the lives of our internal and external customers through superior service. 

Sense of Ownership: We empower employees to take initiative, take ownership, and perform their best. 

Collaboration & Teamwork: We believe working together with employees, customers, and vendors is critical for success.

Our yellow symbol represents a blossom and suggests to all Apria employees the role they play in improving the quality of life of patients for whom we care. 

300 branch/billing/logistics locations across the country providing local, direct patient care services

A multicultural business of 6,500+ professionally-focused employees – sales representatives, nurses, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, customer service representatives, technicians, billing personnel – serving over 2 million patients each year.

Proven track record and leading market share position in respiratory care and other home healthcare product lines

#1 Market position in Sleep Apnea products and services

#1 Market position in Home Respiratory (Managed Care contracts) products and services

#1 Market position in Home Medical Equipment (Managed Care contracts)

#2 Market position in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy products and services

At Apria, our long-standing foundation is built from our Mission and Values. Our evolving business strategy, initiatives and goals make up the “how” and “why” of what we do, and help guide the behavior and work effort for all of us.  We provide a new beginning for more than 2 million patients annually.  In many cases, it’s the chance to return home from the hospital to resume their lives.

We empower our people to have a voice.

It comes from staying curious, and not being afraid to fail.  If they care about an issue, and want to make a difference, our people have the opportunity to illustrate their position and share their thinking behind it.  By taking the opportunity to share their views beyond cubicle/office walls, we pull the best from their thinking….and that’s best for all.